How can VM Engineering Serve you?


VM Engineering can make your sale easier by resolving structural and foundation issues in a timely manner.

  • Guaranteed to have your inspection report completed by the end of the next business day

  • Prompt and complete communication with all parties involved

  • Access to our network of quality contractors who we work closely with

  • Onsite explanation of issues and root causes



Why hire a structural engineer instead of a foundation consultant?

In Wisconsin foundation repairs are governed by the Uniform Building Code which specify 16 standard repair conditions.

  • A licensed engineer can make determinations on 16/16 conditions as well as situations that fall outside the parameters of the code. 

  • Non-licensed consultants or inspectors can make determinations on 10/16 conditions.

This means your client is at risk of paying double if a non-licensed consultant or inspector is unable to make state approved repair recommendations, and a licensed engineer is needed.

A licensed engineer is capable of providing structural recommendations for floor, wall and roof framing issues.

A licensed engineer can provide site specific design repairs and provide documents for permits.


Are you experiencing water or moisture in the basement?

Notice cracks in your foundation walls?

Find new drywall cracks or notice your floor is sagging?

Whether you want to fix your forever home, or prepare for a sale, VM Engineering can help you determine the correct and cost effective solution. Address the issue properly the first time and allow us to create a repair report for contractors to follow.